Individual Dental Insurance

There are now many health insurance and dental insurance providers that offer people with individual dental insurance plans. These individual dental insurance plans come in different prices and can be availed through insurance brokers or through the website of the insurance provider.

Most people get their dental insurance plans through work benefits. These are usually inexpensive and are subsidized by the company or employer. For individual dental insurance, plan coverage is frequently not as extensive as group dental insurance plans, premiums are typically higher and some dental care services entail co-payments. Most of individual dental insurance plans have the plan holder share 50% of costs for high-priced dental services such as crowns and root canals. Majority of individual dental insurance provide minimal coverage and have a limit on the number of orthodontic services obtainable. Other individual dental insurance plans are essentially discount plans. The insurance provider does not provide full or partial coverage for dental care services, but only offer discounts for the service fees.

Some dental insurance providers have individual dental insurance in the form of PPO or Preferred Provider Organizations plans. These lets plan owners go to dentists of their choice or to those who are part of a network. A PPO dental insurance plan only provides minimal coverage if plan owners go to dentists who are not members of their network.

The dental HMO, or Health Management Organization, is another form of individual dental insurance. In this type of dental plan, people can only go to dentists who are part of the HMO network. This can be disadvantageous for some if there are no dentists in their area who are members of the HMO network.

There is also the Indemnity dental plan, which is a type of plan where the provider covers part of the service costs through reimbursements regardless of where or which dentist the plan holder goes to. This type of individual dental insurance plan is not offered by most dental insurance providers.

If one is planning on getting individual dental insurance they should consider certain factors before deciding which plan they should get. They should look at which individual dental insurance plan covers the most dental services, both basic and preventive. The extent of coverage should also be checked. They should study how and what different insurance providers consider before providing coverage and when and how much they will charge for services not included.

Most important of all, a person should check how they will be charged if they get a specific individual dental insurance plan. Will it be through monthly premiums or do they have a yearly option? Which one will be beneficial for them? Will it be cheaper?

In the end, it is best for anyone to look closely at each individual dental insurance plan they are interested in and compare each one to see which would really suit them.